About Omni Energy Solutions

Creating cutting edge complete solutions driving the shift towards resilient and renewable energy

Omni Energy Solutions provides cutting edge and complete energy solutions.  We leverage our experience and expertise with renewable energy generation, distribution, storage, and controls to elevate and influence our design.  We shift our energy infrastructure towards a forward-facing future.


Our team consists of engineers, electricians, contractors, economists, and designers.  Our diverse backgrounds enable us to visualize and execute unique and complex projects to suit our clients' visions.  Located in Sonoma, California, we are well versed in county and state construction and electrical codes as well as the nuances of the permitting process.  From wildfire resiliency to low carbon energy, our turnkey solutions will revolutionize how you think about your energy.


Troy Wooster, CEO of Omni Energy Solutions, is the current contractor working on the Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid Project since its inception with a background in engineering, electronics, construction, and business management. 


Craig Wooster founded Wooster Energy Engineering, now Omni Energy Solutions, out of a passion for the environment, technology, and distributed energy resources.  A master at systems integration, Craig’s ability to bring together complex technologies, objectives, and projects allowed him to create some of the most advanced microgrids in the world.

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