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Why Microgrids?

A Microgrid is made up by a group of interconnected DERs (distributed energy resources) and loads that are able to interact with the macrogrid as well as function autonomously as an island. The goal of a microgrid can be as simple as providing renewable energy to the customer or as complicated as maintaining power through an outage or PSPS event and, often times, is multi functional providing an array of solutions thought the year.

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

— Winston Churchill

The concerns of building and maintaining a Microgrid are something Omni knows all too well. We are not afraid to admit that we have had to overcome challenges in the past and we're here to bring our experience to the future.


Public Safety Planned Shutoffs

Or 'PSPS events' as we all know them are unfortunately here to stay. Having a backup power system is more important now than it has been in years for comfort, safety, and ease of mind.


Components of a Microgrid

  • Solar Photovoltaic

Solar PV is the go to renewable resource and has the best return on investment of any renewable DER due to its low cost. While solar is present on pretty much every microgrid, it cannot function on its own. Solar needs a grid forming asset, and a smart inverter, in order to be used effectively.

SimpliPhi Photo.JPG
  • Battery

  • Control

  • Hydrogen

  • Balance of Plant

Battery technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the recent decade. Coupled with solar, a battery system can turn a renewable resource that is normally only available during the solar day, into an on demand renewable source.

The heart of the system is its controller. The controller needs to be capable of responding quickly to circumstances and smart enough to adapt. Another function is to record and store data for analysis and troubleshooting.


Hydrogen is a newcomer to the renewable field. Though still evolving rapidly, the technology is displaying its amazing capability as a long term energy storage system. Omni has been on the forefront of stationary hydrogen systems in a microgrid application.

Microgrids would not be complete without the network that connects, supports, and allows the grid to function. A critical component of any microgrids success is sufficient planning and engineering to ensure a robust system that is designed to endure any challenge. Omni is a general engineering contractor (A & C10) and is able to bring a microgrid from concept to fully functioning system and everything in between.

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